8 Computer labWith the rise of IT and the many avenues of learning it has opened up, it is important for us as a program to integrate some of these benefits into our curriculum.  Our computers classes are offered to children of elementary age and it allows them to make use of several exclusive sites whose content coincide with the goals and objectives of our curriculum.

One such pc-%e2%91%a1site offers basic phonics training integrated with games and other language activities to help reinforce the skill of reading by sound.  Another is a self-paced reading program that allows the children to progress at their own pace while collecting rewards and building robots!  Lastly, we have a program centred on the skill of spelling and vocabulary building.

computer-2-cheetahsEach of these program ties closely into the other skill areas we teaching during the main English lessons of the day and serve as a great tool for us to reinforce the information and increase the chance of retention.