Full Day Course
¥10,000 / per Saturday*
Full Curriculum
Morning Course
9:00~ 11:30
¥5,000 / per Saturday*
Partial Curriculum – Varies
Afternoon Course
¥5,000 / per Saturday*
Partial Curriculum – Varies

* The yearly schedule includes 36 scheduled Saturday School days.  This schedule breaks down to an average of 3 Saturdays per month, however there are some months where there may be 4 or even 5 attending days and some where there may be 2 or 1.  The tuition is based on the number of Saturday School days scheduled for the month.  Thus, if there are 3 scheduled days for that month, the charge for a full day course student would be ¥30,000.

**Advanced classes are restricted to full day course and a test is required to enter.  Please make use of our contact page if you have further questions.