Today the children had a visit from a very special friend!  The Easter Bunny! All the children were very excited to meet him.
We took pictures with the Easter Bunny and found out that he had hidden some chocolates for us all around the outside playground.
We also made some special Easter Crafts.  The preschool children worked on making their very own bunny ears to look just like the Easter Bunny, while the Elementary school students made 3D eggs! 
The children also got a chance to dye eggs for Easter.  They used pastel crayons and markers to decorate the eggs first and then dyed them to see what effects it would have.  Aren’t the colours amazing! 
Then they all headed outside to hunt for chocolates!  The Easter Bunny did a good job of hiding the chocolates ALL over the playground, so the children had to really search to find them.
The Easter event was a lot of fun for all the children and they spent a really enjoyable day learning about Easter through games, crafts, and many fun activities.