Textbook 2
The students have been working really hard on their reading and writing skills during our textbook classes.  This is the hardest thing to learn for new speakers of a second language, but they are progressing well.
The children are really enjoying the computer lessons as well.  We’ve been using the time to focus on ‘extensive reading’ to improve their vocabulary, reading, and listening skills.
Preschool Craft 2
Our preschool children made their own umbrellas today.  We talked about the upcoming rainy season and what things we use to protect ourselves from getting wet.
Preschool Craft
The craft taught the children about writing the letter J, using scissors, glue, and creative expression in order to build their umbrella.
Today during gym class we played some cooperative team games that involved playing rock-scissors-paper and rescuing our friends from life as a watermelon!

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