Today in our preschool classes we had an exciting circle time working on vocabulary, colors, and our body parts.
We’ve also been working really hard on our phonics to build up our reading skills.
For our creative project we talked about shapes and how we can use them to make other things.
We cut out circles, triangles, rectangles and squares.
The children then used these shapes to put together a complete picture
They made some beautiful trains!
We also talked about animals and how they move.
We learned that birds ‘perch’ and some can also ‘paddle’
Then the children practiced perching on a balancing beam!
To wrap the lesson up we talked about patterns and used trains and cars of different colors to practice this.
The children also had pool play today, which was great for such a hot, sticky day! Only one more pool day left!
In our elementary classes we were talking about pets and action words today.
We worked on our reading skills as well, breaking down each word using the phonics they’ve learned.
Reading Program
As the program progresses the children are able to read individually to boost their vocabulary and comprehension.
The children are advancing well in their textbook studies as well, and we are quickly approaching the Cambridge YLE testing time!
The elementary classes also had a science project today. We learned about color mixing and did and experiment to prove what color combinations produce different colors.
Cooking 1
The other classes started the cooking project for the month. They started off by preparing the tables and putting on plastic gloves.
Cooking 2
Then they worked with the teachers to measure the proper amount of ingredients.
Cooking 3
Once they had all the ingredients they had to mix it all together in a bowl.
Cooking 4
When the mixture was ready they took it to another teacher and we steamed it to make….
Cooking 5
Steamed Buns! They came out perfect!

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