Today the preschool classes were working with chalkboards. One of the major benefits of using chalk is learning about resistance and building up finger strength!
Then we had them working with puzzles to build their sense of spatial relations along with the vocabulary we reviewed for the day.
The elementary class continued their work in the Cambridge Kid’s Box books. They are developing a great language base through this program!
In the computer lab we had them working on phonics sounds and sound blending.
This program is designed to help strengthen their phonics base, which will make them better readers.
We also enjoyed music time with Yui today, learning some seasonal songs and some current popular western songs as well.
During our creative project time the children were making steamed buns. The first step was to prepare the ingredients.
The students then measured out each portion of the mixture.
And they had to put their arm into mixing it up!
When the dough was just right we put it into the steamer to rise. The children were really happy with how it turned out!

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