The children continued to sing Valentine’s Day songs for the month of February!
The Cubs talked about different foods and practiced expressing what they like and don’t like to eat.
The Red class read “Pip’s Pizza” to review all single letter phonics.
The Yellow and Orange classes made their own flags and drew their favourite things about Japan.
The Blue class practiced writing lowercase and uppercase y and j in their writing lesson.
The Advanced Green class reviewed containers in their language lesson. They drew different containers that we use everyday and then objects that we typically put in them.
The Advanced Yellow class reviewed Units 1 & 2 in their Kid’s Box book lesson. They talked about the benefits and drawbacks to different types of technology.
To review language targets from this past year, the Advanced Yellow class talked about mythical creatures and their different abilities.
Some of the students learned about animals at the zoo in today’s textbook lesson. They did a listening activity to check their comprehension.
For their language lesson, the Orange and Yellow classes reviewed countries around the world. They practiced recognizing and describing different flags.
The Red class learned about rooms around the house and activities that we do in our homes.
Then, they practiced drawing their own home and placed different objects in the correct room.
For craft today, the preschool classes made paper dinosaurs. They really enjoyed getting creative and using many different colors.
During circle time, the preschool classes learned about shapes. They reviewed the difference between straight lines and curves.
The Cubs used food toys to practice this week’s vocabulary. They learned about containers and the different objects that we put inside of them.

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