Today during our conversation lessons the preschool children were learning about verbs by moving our bodies and thinking about how we move, then they talked about colors and tried to find different colors around the room, and finally we worked on some new vocabulary words. The children had fun learning new English words in an active environment!

During our writing lessons we worked on basic foundational skills with our younger classes, focusing on proper letter formation and writing techniques. With the elementary age children we worked on a mixture of comprehension and expression in writing.

The children are also developing a solid base in their phonemic awareness, building words through sounds and learning how to decode English words.

During our gym lessons this week we had a a mixture of circuit training and games that allowed the children to experience English in a fun, exciting environment!

The preschool children also learned about scarecrows this week and why we have them. Then they used their knowledge of shapes to build their own scarecrow!


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