Last week we had our Halloween event and the children had a lot of fun!  We started the day off learning about all kinds of new words that go along with Halloween, including all the ghosts and monsters that we see about around this time of year!

The the children got a chance to play some Halloween themed games, trying out some new skills and having fun with the holiday theme.

Then we made Halloween themed crafts.  The older children made some spooky skeletons with q-tips and glue, designing their own skeleton however they wanted. The younger children made a Jack-o-Lantern paper lantern to decorate their house with.

Then they went down to the gym to play some monster tag and a spooky game of dodgeball!

Lastly we all had a chance to go trick or treating, some braving the haunted library but others going to a nice house where a kindly ghost gave them candy.  It was a great day!


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