During the calendar lesson, the children learned about the months of the year. They talked about special days within each month.
DSCN4305 - コピー
The children practiced their Easter songs today, as well as learned “Heal The World” by Michael Jackson.
image_6483441 (1)
As a part of our Get Set For School lesson, the children focused on the word “new”. The children learned the meaning and how to use this adjective in a sentence.
The ESL lesson for today focused on media and adjectives we use to describe it. They practiced forming sentences about their different media interests.
After their gross motor circuit, the children enjoyed some freeplay time on the playground.
Today the children wrote the number of people in their families and how many brothers and sisters they have.
The children used their writing books to describe themselves. They practiced introducing themselves, writing their age and the number of people in their families.
The children began gym class with a gross motor circuit, and then play several games.
The phonics lesson today focused on “ee”. The children recalled all of the words they know that make the “ee” sound.
Today the children practiced their writing skills. They focused on numbers and the alphabet.

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