The children enjoyed some freeplay time on the playground today. They really enjoyed using the alphabet climbing wall.
Today we introduced the Sound Around Box to build on our phonics lessons. The children used word magnets to help them practice rhyming words.
The children continued to practice “How Many Eggs In The Easter Basket?” for our Easter event next week. They also sang “Heal The World” by Michael Jackson.
During gym class today, the children did a gross motor circuit. They really enjoyed the balance beam and ladder station.
Today’s writing lesson focused on colors. The children wrote their favorite colors and identified different objects of the same color.
During reading time, the children read a story about a dog named Barker. The phonics focused on the “f” and “tch” sounds.
Today the children practiced their writing skills. They focused on lower and uppercase letters.
The children did a “Music & Movement” lesson today. They enjoyed dancing to the “Warming Up” song.
The children used their Kid’s Box books to build on their writing and listening skills. They did a color matching activity.
Today’s circle time focused on learning about our bodies. The children practiced identifying their different body parts.

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