IMG_3326 (2)
After finding their eggs, the children enjoyed comparing the designs with one another.
IMG_3331 (2)
Before the children began egg dying, we talked about what kind of design we wanted on our eggs. The children then received some wax pastel crayons to make their eggs extra colorful and unique.
P1140862 (2)
The children had a wide area to search for the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid. It took some of the children time to look in every possible hiding place!
P1140879 (2)
The children learned all sorts of Easter vocabulary with games that helped them to use the words and have fun.
P1140884 (2)
Everyone was so happy to be designing their own eggs that their crayon control was really good. We hope you like the wonderful designs the children have made.
P1140892 (2)
For the pre-school classes Shota helped the children understand the rules of the egg hunt with the help of the Easter Bunny. Everyone listened very carefully and watched the Easter Bunny’s gestures.
P1140895 (2)
Once the children understood what they needed to do for the egg hunt it was time to look all over the gym.
P1140898 (2)
The children helped their friends a lot. It was great to see everyone getting on so well.
P1140901 (2)
There were so many obstacles and items for the children to look under, move around and lift as they looked for their eggs.
P1140904 (2)
Sometimes the Easter Bunny had to come in and help children with searching for eggs by dropping some well gestured hints.
P1140949 (2)
The Easter Bunny was so excited to see the children’s eggs that they found. The children were more than happy to show him!
P1140971 (2)
One game involved playing ‘Rock, Scissors, Paper’. Here one boy is about to win a game for his team!
P1140975 (2)
The children were very creative with the designs of their eggs and the dying came out really well with so many colors on display.

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