The children reviewed the days of the week during their circle time and calendar lesson.
Today the children practiced their writing skills. They focused on the letters “c”, “d” and “a”.
During reading time, the children read “The Poor Goose”. The phonics focused on the “or/oor/ore” sound.
In today’s writing lesson the children wrote about their favorite toy and used language to describe it.
During circle time, the children played a “pass the ball” game to practice their counting skills.
The children began gym with a running activity to warm up, and then played several games.
The children learned occupation themed vocabulary and practiced using adjectives to describe them.
The phonics lesson today focused on “oi/oy”. The children recalled all of the words they know that make the “oi/oy” sound.
During the Kid’s Box book lesson, the children practiced using school themed vocabulary.
Today’s music lesson focused on Mother’s Day. They practiced a new song called “Good Morning Mama”.

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