During their ESL lesson, the children brainstormed words connected with Social Studies. They came up with some really awesome associated words.
The children learned about color wheels today and really enjoyed making their own.
Today we did Lesson 5 of our Get Set For School lessons. The children love Squawker and today he discussed the difference between “few” and “many”.
The children played a relay game today during gym time. They played in groups and each student took turns running with the ball and then passing it to their friends.
During the reading and writing lesson, the children practiced writing out different words from our spelling list. Then, they challenged themselves by trying rewrite the words without looking.
During circle time, the children practiced naming colors. They brainstormed a list of things that are the color green.
During circle time, the children talked about the weather. They used the wheel on the calendar to show today’s weather.
The children had music time with Reika today. They sang some of our themed songs for May, including the “Happy Mother’s Day” song.
In circle time, the children reviewed their letters with the alphabet dance. They really enjoy the different movements to the “Alphabet Chant” song.
The writing lesson today focused on the “magic c”. They practiced by writing the letter “c” and then turned it into many other letters.

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