During music time, the children sang “Happy Father’s Day” to celebrate the upcoming holiday.
IMG-3656 - コピー
Part of today’s ESL lesson focused on “our body”. The children sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” as they practiced the movements.
During the Kid’s Box book lesson, the children did activities that focused on number recognition.
Part of the writing lesson today focused on discussing their favorite vegetables. The children drew food toys from the basket to come up with ideas for their writing journals.
During the reading lesson, the children read in small groups. They reviewed the speed sounds and read aloud to each other.
The children played a BINGO game during their ESL lesson. They wrote different vocabulary words and they had to cross them off their paper when they heard their definitions.
One of today’s ESL lesson focused on family & adjectives. They discussed members of the family and different vocabulary we can use to describe them.
One of today’s reading lesson focused on the sound “oy/oi”. The children came up with different words that they know with the “oy/oi” sound.
During the circle time lesson, the children played a hiding game with the alphabet blocks to help them with letter recognition.
One of today’s writing lessons focused on the letter “u”. They practiced the motion with their fingers, and then wrote it in their books.

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