Today in music with Eri, the children sang Michael Jackson songs. They sang “Heal The World” and “Ben”.
During gym time with Shota the children played a hoop challenge. They ran around the triangle made of cones and had to throw the hoop over the cones.
Today’s Word Time lesson focused on “look” and “listen”. To practice these concepts, the children engaged in pretend play. They imagined that they were crossing a busy street with many cars.
During the reading and writing lesson the children focused on the “ay”/”a-e” sound. They practiced making the sound before writing their journal sentences.
Some of the children focused on the letters “c” and “a” during their writing period. They used their writing books to help them practice the letters.
Today’s story “Hairy Fairy” focused on the “air” sound. The children practiced the speed sounds and then read the book aloud as a group.
During a writing class, the children practiced writing the letter “e”. They used their fingers to demonstrate the strokes and then wrote it in their writing books.
Today the children learned about different occupations and brainstormed where these people work. They made their own flashcards to illustrate the different places they came up with.
One of today’s book lessons was about colors and toys. They used their colored pencils to fill in the objects.
IMG_3707 - コピー
The children played outside today after their gym class. They enjoyed using the bicycles and writing on the chalkboard.
Part of today’s circle time lesson focused on animals. They sang “Old MacDonald’s Farm” and matched the animal sound to the animal.

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