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During the reading lesson, the children reviewed their speed sounds. They enjoyed doing different actions to help them remember the phonics.
To celebrate the upcoming Tanabata holiday, Reika taught the children a new song: “When You Wish Upon A Star”.
Part of today’s book lesson reviewed general vocabulary words. The children took a look at the pictures and checked if the sentences were true or false.
Today’s Word Time lesson focus on the difference between polite and rude. The children practiced being polite to their friends by sharing and passing toys.
Part of the ESL lesson today focused on verbs including stomp, jump and swing. The children recalled all of the different animals that do these actions.
For the reading portion of the lesson the children read “In The Sun”. The story focused on double consonant sounds including “ff” and “nn”. They read aloud together and finished by talking about what happened in the story.
During the writing period, the children built on their lesson from last week about the magic “c”. They continued by drawing the letter “c” and then creating the letter “d”.
Today’s writing book discussion was about animals. The children named animals that they do and do not like, and explained their reasons using adjectives.
One of the circle time topics today was about our families. The children talked about all of the members of their families and developed sentences about each person.

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