In music class the children continued to practice “Heal The World” and “Ben” by Michael Jackson.
Today’s Word Time lesson focused on the words “wait” and “start”. They did a jumping activity with Squawker to practice these concepts.
After their discussions, the children wrote down their wishes on paper. They each wrote a sentence and drew a picture for our school wish tree.
The children enjoyed some freeplay time outside today. They used the playground house and ride on toys to engage in pretend play.
For today’s reading lesson, the children read “Hairy Fairy”. It focused on the “air” sound. They read together as a group and discussed the comprehension questions.
During the writing lesson, the children brainstormed their wishes for the upcoming Tanabata holiday. They discussed the many things that they wanted to be when they grow up.
For today’s craft the children made whales. They colored and cut the whales out and pasted them onto construction paper with very little assistance.
The children played a relay game today in gym class. They took turns running with the balls and then throwing them to their teammates on the other side.
During outside play time, the children drew pictures on the chalkboard. They recreated cartoon characters that they really enjoy watching.
Part of today’s writing lesson focused on the letters “X” and “Y”. They used their writing books to follow the letter strokes.

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