The speaking and listening lesson focused on the children’s routine. They shared their daily tasks with one another, such as brushing their teeth and getting dressed for school.
During their circle time lesson, the children reviewed the calendar. They enjoyed singing the “Months of the Year” song together as a class.
The children had a fun time with Shota. They played a game of dodge-ball and practiced aiming, throwing and catching.
Today for craft, the children made a collage of the solar system. They did really well at cutting out the planets without assistance and used glue to paste it onto construction paper.
During the reading and writing class, the children wrote sentences in their writing journals. They used verbs to talk about the things that they like to do during their free time.
During the circle time lesson, the children practiced counting and number recognition. They used their fingers and their toes to practice this skill.
During outside play time, the children enjoyed playing in the sandbox. They pretended to work in a bakery and used the sand box toys to make a pretend chocolate cake.
The elementary level students practiced creating sentences using the word “because”. One student wrote about why she enjoys visiting the zoo because of her love for animals.
The Word Time lesson today focused on the adjectives “long” and “short”. They played with train toys and used them to demonstrate their understanding.
In music class with Eri, the children sand “Heal The World” by Michael Jackson. They’ve enjoyed singing this song for the past several weeks.
As a part of circle time, the children practiced letter recognition. They played a movement game with the flashcards and did really well at finding different letters.

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