Today the children began pool play during gym time. They really enjoyed playing and swimming with their friends.
During the writing lesson, the children also practiced ten words from their spelling list. Once they wrote the list of words, they had to re-write it again without assistance.
One of the lessons today continued the focus on the magic “c”. The children used the letter “c” to help them create other letters.
To help them with writing and number recognition, the children used chalk boards to identify letters and then practice writing them.
Along with the chalkboards, the children used insect toys to count and sort. They are doing well with representing numbers using their fingers.
For craft today, the children made aliens. They used balloons for the body and added construction paper to make silly legs.
In the afternoon, the children enjoyed using the computer lab. They played educational games on RazKids.
As a part of the circle time ESL lesson, the children learned about verbs. They named the different actions and then pretended to do them as well.
During the circle time lesson, the children talked about prepositions. To help them practice this concept, they used toys and placed them “on”, “under” and “between” one another.

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