During the reading lesson, the children read “The Spell”. The phonics focused on the “a,e,i,o,u” sounds.
Today the children sang “The Wheels On The Bus” for the Music & Movement lesson. They enjoyed practicing the actions and dancing along to the song.
During their circle time lesson, the children reviewed their colors. They sang “I See Something Blue” and found the colors around the room.
The children enjoyed playing outside in the pool today. They used balls and other pool play toys to toss around and have fun.
Today the children wrote about who cleans up at home. They used their writing books to make sentences and draw pictures. 
Today’s Word Time lesson focused on capital and lowercase letters. The children learned the differences between them, using squawker and a flashcard game.
During outside play, the children used the alphabet wall. It was a great gross motor activity and really fun too!
The writing lesson today focused on the letter “y”. The began by practicing the letter, and then wrote words with the letter in it. Their hand control is really improving. 
The children spent some time on the computers today. They played educational games on RazKids.
During the library time, the children enjoyed reading. They chose books with their favorite characters and read alone and in pairs.
The creative activity today was an astronaut craft. The children used their favorite colors to color in the worksheet before cutting it out.

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