During circle time, the children talked about disasters and verbs. They practiced making sentences using adjectives to describe their feelings and the characteristic of each disaster.
Today the children reviewed the days of the week during their circle time lesson. They sang the “Days of the Week” song using the flashcards.
During the reading lesson, the children reviewed the single letter phonic sounds using the phonics flashcards.
The children enjoyed their last day of pool play today. They used beach balls and other toys to play with their friends.
One of the writing lessons today focused on the letter “j”. The children practiced writing the letter several times before writing words that begin with the letter “j”.
This week’s reading lesson book for the senior classes was called “Our House” and it focused on the “ou” sound. The children took turns reading out loud to the class.
Another one of the writing lessons focused on the letter “i”. The children are doing really well at following the lessons in the writing books.
For craft today, the children made a car using construction paper and a paper plate. They were really excited that they were able to cut out the wheels by themselves and kept saying “I did it”!
During the circle time, the children practiced number recognition and counting. They really enjoyed the challenge of counting backwards too.
In music class today, the children sang “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s Moana. They really like the song and have been singing it throughout the day!

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