The children in Blue class continue work in their writing books. Today they learned how to write the lowercase h.
The children in the elementary classes try reading some storybooks that help them focus on key phonics sounds.
The chicks class loved singing and dancing to the ‘Body Part Movement March’. Everyone really put in lots of effort to make big gestures.
To help the children learn colors we used crayons and scattered them around the room. The children did a great job of organizing them back into the box grouped by color.
In the Owls class the children did a great job of talking about shapes and then making them with their hands in all sorts of sizes.
In gym today the children had an obstacle circuit with areas working on different gross motor skills. We then finished off with a fun game of tag.
When we were doing our book work we used the questions in the book to do a quick fire quiz. The children showed lots of enthusiasm when they knew the answer.
The children sang the songs ‘Ben’ and ‘Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson in music today.

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