During Music & Movement, the children danced to some of their favorite songs.
One of today’s writing lessons focused on the letter “t”. The children did really well at writing the letter in their workbooks, and then colored their turtles when they finished.
For craft, the children made “Itsy Bitsy Spiders”. They used the outlines of their hands to make the body and legs.
Today’s gym class was a gross motor circuit activity. It included running, jumping and balancing to help with their gross motor development.
Using their workbooks, the children did a word search race to see who could be the fastest to find all of the vocabulary! The word list included many of the vocabulary they had written so far.
The upper level classes read “Our House”; a story about a busy family. The phonics in the story focused on teaching the “ou” sound.
During one of the ESL lessons, the children discussed locations ‘in town’ and common activities. They talked about the different places they like to visit with their family and friends.
Using the alphabet cards, the children played a game of alphabet limbo. This activity focused on letter recognition and sequencing. 
To review their colors, the children used colorful items to match to the color flashcards. They identified and discussed each object that they were matching.
One of today’s journal questions was about their favorite animal. The children shared the different animals that they love and practiced writing sentences in their journal.

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