In gym class with Shota, the children played a game of tag. They had lots of fun scooting on their bottoms to chase their friends.
During the ESL lesson, some of the classes talked about months of the year and raw materials. They discussed special days within the months and their favorite month of the year.
During computer time, the children used Raz Kids as a fun tool for learning. They played educational games with their friends.
The children reviewed their phonics today during their ESL lesson. They did really well at repeating the sound and remembering the word associated with each sound card.
During circle time, the children talked about shapes. They did really well at identifying them as well as each of their colors.
The craft today focused on the insect theme for the month of September. The children were able to cut out the leaves with little assistance to make a home for their snails.
During the library period, the children enjoyed reading stories about some of their favorite characters. 
The children enjoyed learning about animals today. They went on an animal hunt around the classroom to find the animal flashcards. They did animal movements as well!
One of the book lessons also focused on raw materials and connected with the ESL lesson. They reviewed the materials and developed an understanding of what we use them for.
During the ESL lesson, some of the classes reviewed body vocabulary. They danced and enjoyed singing “The Pinocchio”.
In music class today, the children sang many songs including “Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall” to commemorate the changing seasons.

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