Some of the children focused on writing the letter “k”. They used their writing books to practice their writing skills and spelled words with the letter “k” in it.

For craft today, the lower levels made ladybugs. They colored the wings, and then cut them out by themselves. They learned about its different body parts and glued them all together!
Today in music class with Eri, the children sang “Ben” by Michael Jackson. They’ve been learning this song for some time, and are doing really well with singing the lyrics.
Some of the children studied the “magic c” today. They learned how to write the letter in their writing books, and will later learn how to turn it into other letters too!
The children spent some time today reading stories about their favorite characters. They practiced sounding out the words using their learning from their phonics lessons.
The children used instruments during music time with Reika today. They played recorders, xylophones and used castanets as well!
For the writing period, some of the upper level classes wrote sentences about the different instruments they play. Many of them talked about playing the piano in their free time. 
The Word Time lesson for today focused on the words “count” and “move”. The children enjoyed using colorful blocks to demonstrate these concepts.
Some of the children reviewed verbs during their ESL lesson. They played a verb memory game and named of the verbs they learned.
One of the advanced classes has been learning all about natural disasters. They played a disaster game today to help them make sentences by using adjectives to describe these events.
During gym time with Shota, the children played a game of tag in teams. They enjoyed chasing each other and trying to save their friends that had been tagged by the other team.
The book lesson today focused on phonics and history. The children enjoyed talking about  Egypt and ancient treasures.

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