The children continued writing in their workbooks. They recalled what they learned about the magic “c” and applied it make the letter “o”.
The children continued to practice the lyrics of “Ben” by Michael Jackson with Eri!
For craft, the preschool classes made butterflies. They cut the body out and used tissue paper to make it colorful.
The children always enjoy the computer period. Today they played a sight word matching game.
The children played a fun game of “Red Light, Green Light” during their Get Set For School lesson.
During the library period, the children read stories about their favorite characters. They practiced sounding out each word using their knowledge of phonics and blending.
Some of the classes focused on green words. They sounded out the letters and practiced blending the sounds.
The Music and Movement lesson today focused on learning about the body. The children did the actions to “The Body Part Movement March”.
During the reading and writing class, the advanced colors used words from their spelling lists to make stories. They really enjoyed using their creativity to come up with unique stories!
In the ESL lesson, some of the children reviewed adjectives using the feelings cards. They practiced showing each emotion using their body language.
Today some of the children wrote the letters “v” and “w” in their writing books. They are doing really well at following the line strokes.

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