To practice spelling, the children were shown images that relate to nature. They worked in teams to name the objects and try to spell them correctly!
The Word Time lesson today focused on the words “number” and “two”. They used toy blocks to help them learn these concepts.
After gym class with Jason, the children enjoyed some time on the playground. They enjoyed using the bicycles and playing in the treehouse.
The children began singing Halloween songs today in music class with Eri. They enjoyed singing the “witches, witches” song.
The book lesson continued the concept of our five senses. The children practiced naming their senses and describing the ways that we use them.
During the reading and writing lesson, the children reviewed their phonics using the flashcards. They did really well at identifying the sounds, and the word we use to practice each sound. 
For the Music and Movement lesson, the children did the “Body Talk” lesson to review body vocabulary and verbs.
During the computer period, the children used fun word games on Spelling City to practice their reading and spelling skills.
During the reading period, the children enjoyed reading stories about their favorite characters.
The children did a relay today in gym class with Jason. They moved back and forth to each side of the gym while doing different actions.
For craft today, the children made fall trees using the outlines of their hands. They talked about the different colors of the leaves and used tissue paper to make their trees colorful.
One of the writing book lessons focused on the letter “q” today. The children wrote the letter as well as words that contain the letter.

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