Today the children practiced the listening portion of the YLE exam. They had to complete activities based on verbal directions.
For the writing lesson, some of the children used their workbooks. Today’s lesson focused on spacing between words and letters.
During the ESL lesson, some of the children reviewed the months of the year. They discussed the month of October and our exciting Halloween event!
In gym class with Shota, the children played a relay game using balls. They had to run around the gym and then pass the ball to the next person in line. They really enjoyed this game!
During circle time, the children reviewed farm and zoo animals. Later during the Language & Literacy lesson, they played a game of “What Can You See?” and identified animals based on its shadow.
After the listening exam, the children reviewed the correct answers to the questions. They were given tips on how to best complete the exams and answer the questions accurately.
In circle time, several of the classes reviewed their numbers using the “Counting Bananas” song. They played game and had to stop on a number and identify it.
Another portion of the ESL lesson was reviewing the letters of the alphabet. The children sang the “ABC Rock” song and had to echo the singing in the song.
One of the writing book lessons focused on the letter “z”. They did really well at writing the letter and words that have the letter “z” in them.
For craft today, the children made a Halloween themed headband. They colored a picture of bat and their teachers helped them put on their headbands.
Today in music, the advanced classes continued to sing the High School Musical song “All For One”.

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