During the ESL lesson time, the children reviewed Halloween themed vocabulary. They talked about each word and its significance to Halloween.
The children enjoyed doing Halloween themed cross word puzzles. They worked in small groups to find each of the Halloween vocabulary words.
They sang Halloween songs today in circle time as well. They really enjoyed “Can You Make a Happy Face, Jack-O-Lantern?”
One of the Halloween games was a bat throwing game. The children practiced catching the paper bats and had a lot of fun.
The children were able to visit a play house for their Halloween goodie bags. They walked up to the house and knocked on the door saying: “Trick or Treat”.
We took class photos with each class today. They lined up in the Halloween hallway to have their photos taken.
During gym time with Shota, the children played monster dodgeball. The teachers were in the middle and the children had to throw balls to tag them.
After the gym period, they enjoyed some outdoor play time. They liked using the treehouses and alphabet climbing wall.
The children sang Halloween songs in music class today with Yui and Eri. They enjoyed singing and dancing in their costumes.
They played hangman today with the Halloween vocabulary. They were given hints and had to guess the hidden word.
They also reviewed the calendar today. When they saw the number “27”, they had to scare their friends and yell “BOO!”

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