During gym time with Shota, the children played a game of soccer. When they got a goal, they ran back to their team and gave their friends a high five!
As a part of the ESL lesson, the children reviewed the letters of the alphabet using alphabet cards. They sang the “ABC Chant” as the teacher went through each card.
The Word Time lesson focused on the concepts “curved” and “pointed”. The children did really well at sorting the shapes cards into the two groups.
The children did the second portion of the YLE practice test. They were given tips and tricks on how to effectively take exams.
The children began singing Christmas songs today in music time with Eri. They seemed really excited for the holiday season!
After the children did the reading and writing portion of the exam, they got a chance to review the questions and check their answers.
Today’s book lesson titled “At the farm” helped the children learn all about farm animals. They did reading and writing activities to study the topic.
The writing book lesson for today focused on the letter “g”. The children did well at taking the concepts from the magic “c” to help them make a new letter.
As a part of the ESL lesson, the preschool children learned about body parts. They had fun doing movements in pairs to practice body vocabulary.


The elementary school students had some library time where they got to read stories about their favorite characters.
The preschool classes made a pizza for craft today. They cut the parts out by themselves and glued them on to make their own pizza creations.
Part of the reading lesson focused on reviewing phonics. The children played a game in pairs and had to touch the letter that matched the sounds the teacher made.
The children used the computers today to do educational games. The games focus on spelling and reading.