This week in gym time with Shota, the children played soccer again. They’ve been enjoying playing in teams and kicking the balls across the gym to make a goal.
To help the children practice their counting skills, they counted their fingers and toes together as a class!
The Word Time lesson focused on the words “triangle” and “shape”. The children used their fingers to demonstrate their understanding of these concepts.
One of the reading and writing lessons focused on the phonetic sound “are”. The children attempted to write the word “square” by sounding it out.


Some of the elementary school classes read the story “Jellybean” about a girl who dreamed of having a pet. They did really well at reading it aloud together and discussing the story.
For some students, the writing lesson today was an “All About Me” page. They got to use their books to practice writing the date, talking about themselves and drawing a self portrait.
The children are enjoying the computer time and using Spelling City to improve their reading and spelling skills.
The children enjoy the library reading time, and they get to read about some of their favorite characters.
Today’s craft was a paper plate apple, which the children cut and colored by themselves. When they finished, they enjoy playing with their apples and pretending to eat it as a delicious and healthy snack!
The children practiced their reading skills with the green words. The teacher said each word and the children quickly touched the matching card.
One of the book lessons titled “My Town” helped the children learn English vocabulary for the all of places that they visit in their local areas.
After gym class, the children got some time to play outside. They really enjoyed using the alphabet climbing wall!

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