Today during ESL, the advanced class reviewed food vocabulary and their 5 senses. They enjoyed talking about the different foods they enjoy eating at home.
During circle time, the children reviewed the calendar. They sang the “Days of the Week” song and the “Months of the Year” song.
During the writing period, some of the children practiced the letter “n”. The started by making the letter “r” that they learned previously, and built on that to make a new letter.
Another portion of the writing lesson focused on the children writing about themselves. They talked about their names, ages and things that they enjoy doing. 
Some of the children wrote about what they wanted for Christmas. They did a good job of using their knowledge of phonics to help them spell words that they were unsure of the spelling. 
The younger levels did a Word Time lesson today about the adjectives “hard” and “soft”. Sqwaker helped the children sound out the words at the beginning of the lesson.
To build on the concepts of “hard” and “soft”, the children went around the room and touched various objects. They used the adjectives to describe how each object felt.
One of today’s book lessons continued the “Around Town” concept from last week. The children did several activities to learn the vocabulary and even got to draw a picture of a town at the end.
In gym time with Shota, the children played a game of soccer in groups. They used many balls and tried to get the most number of balls to the opposing side. 
After gym, the children enjoyed some outdoor time. They used the tree house and slides to play games with their friends.
During the ESL lesson, the children practiced their verbs using a Santa drawing. They had to guess and describe what Santa was doing in the picture using action words.
The children enjoyed singing Christmas songs today in music time with Eri!



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