The children had some time to play outside before gym class. They enjoyed using the bean bag toss tree and the ride-on toys.
To help them learn their food vocabulary, the children got to choose two foods that they like and combine them to make a new creation.
During circle time, the children practiced the months of the year. They talked about their birthday month with their friends and teachers.
The Purple class enjoyed talking about what they wanted for Christmas. They used their journals to write their Christmas wish lists for this year.
One of the stories today was called “The Web”. It told the story of a spider and all of the things that came into his home. The phonics for this story focused on the “a”, “e”, “i”, “o” and “u” sounds.
During the writing period, some of the classes focused on compound words and syllables. They enjoyed writing about the weather and learned all about the word “precipitation”.
During the reading lesson, some of the children read together as a group. They always enjoy sharing their ideas and opinions!
The Language and Literacy lesson for the preschool classes was called “We Belong Together”. The children sorted animals by meat eaters and plant eaters.
The children played soccer again this week with Shota. They tried to bring as many balls as possible back to their goalies to earn points for their team.
The children have been enjoying the Christmas songs in music with Eri. Today they sang a version of “Silent Night”.
One of today’s Kid’s Box lessons was a review from the units 5, 6 and 7. The children did really well at recalling the concepts they learned in previous lessons.
The children reviewed their numbers today using shape blocks. They practiced counting and creating patterns as a part of their math lesson.
The children made Christmas elves today for craft. They talked about the different shapes they used and cut them out independently!

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