Today the Advanced Orange and Purple classes talked about exploration and illness in their circle time. They discussed places they’d like to travel to and explore.
The Advanced Yellow class talked about landscape paintings in their book lesson. They talked about which paintings they like and practiced describing different art.
The Advanced Yellow class read “A Box Full of Light”. They practiced sounding out the “igh/i/i-e/ie” sound.
The Red class reviewed colors and numbers for their Kid’s Box book lesson.
The Advanced Yellow class used their favorite adjective to compare three objects. They learned how to quantify from the least to the most.
The elementary children sang “Milk” again today with Eri. They are enjoying the song and are getting better with the lyrics.
The Orange class reviewed illnesses and what we do when we’re sick. During circle time, they played word games to help them understand the vocabulary and phrases.
As a part of their writing lesson, the Yellow class played a word scramble. They had to try to solve today’s vocabulary words.
The children in the Red class practiced writing the “magic c” in their workbooks. Then they used the same process to write other letters and sentences.
The Red class wrote sentences about the animal body parts that they learned in circle time.
The Blue class talked about animals and their body parts as well. They learned about tails, paws, trunks, and other animal parts.
The Cubs class practiced writing the letter “p” today in their workbooks. They wrote the letter as well as many “p” words to help them practice.
The Wolves talked about body and health in their workbooks. They did fun activities to learn the names of each body part.
As a part of their circle time, the Cubs practiced their letter recognition. They played fun games to help them.
In gym class the children played a tag game. They scooted across the floor to try to catch their friends.
As a part of the circle time lesson, the children reviewed animals. They sorted them by where they live; farm vs. zoo.
The Word Time lesson focused on the concepts “cut” and “paste”. They used scissors and glue to understand these verbs.

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