During their circle time, the Red class talked about clothes and places. They compared what we wear in different seasons.
The Yellow class played a spelling bee during their reading and writing period. The children faced off against each other and tried to be the fastest to spell their vocabulary words.
The Orange class learned all about nature in their ESL lesson. They talked about leaves, trees and things that we can do outdoors.
The Blue class learned all about the farm in their Kid’s Box lesson. They learned animal sounds and talked about what animals they like.
As a part of the ESL lesson, the preschool classes reviewed the letters of the alphabet. They sang the “Alphabet Chant” to help them learn the letters.
The preschool craft today was a purple grape. The children used scissors to curl paper, and pasted it on a grape worksheet.
For the reading and writing lesson, the children in the Takatsuki Wolf class wrote about about the differences between living in the city and in the country.
At the Takatsuki school, the children practiced playing music notes on instruments.
To start off circle time, the Owls sang the “Hello Song”. They talked about how they are feeling today and practiced using adjectives in sentences.
During the outside play time, the preschool classes really enjoyed riding bikes together.
To start off their circle time ESL lesson, the blue class practiced ordinal numbers. They recited the days of the month and yelled “stop” when they got to today’s date.
The Red class reviewed their phonics today to help with reading practice.
In the reading and writing class, the Advanced Yellow students wrote about one food that they could eat for the rest of their lives. This tied into the Kid’s Box lesson where they learned about healthy and unhealthy foods.
The Advanced Purple and Orange classes read together in small groups, and discussed the story afterwards to help with reading comprehension.

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