The Chicks class had fun singing “If You’re Happy” in circle time. They talked about how they were feeling today.
The Owls practiced greetings in English. They introduced themselves by saying their names.
The Blue class reviewed the monthly calendar and the days of the week in their ESL lesson.
The Yellow class read together and practiced their phonics skills. They focused on blending and decoding words.
The Advanced Green class talked about daily routines and what they do in the morning before school.
The Advanced Yellow class practiced describing places. Their peers had to guess the vocabulary words based on the descriptions.
The Orange class wrote their favourite except from today’s story.


The preschool classes practiced counting using marbles. They are developing their number sense skills. 
The Owls class reviewed general vocabulary words using flashcards. They talked about each object and its use.
The Yamada students had fun playing games in gym class. They learned how to follow game rules and cooperate with their peers.
The Blue class wrote about their favourite colour and named objects of the same colour.
The Cubs class practiced writing the letters D and E in their workbooks. They have been working on corner starting capitals.
The Cubs learned about pitch using the musical bells with Kaori.
The Takatsuki school students enjoyed today’s gross motor circuit.

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