The Wolves practiced their listening, reading and writing skills in their Kid’s Box 4 textbooks.
The Takatsuki Cubs enjoyed reading stories during library time.
The children celebrated Tanabata by writing their wishes on Tanzaku and hanging them on a bamboo tree.
The preschool classes reviewed the date using the calendar. They spun the weather wheel to discuss the weather.
During the ESL lesson, the Owls sang “Do You Like Spaghetti Yogurt?” to review food vocabulary.
The children in the Orange class picked their favourite line from today’s story to write in their journals.
The elementary students wrote about what they want to be when they grow up. Some of them talked about being doctors and bakers.
The Advanced Green class practiced their grammar skills before writing sentences in their journals.
The Red and Blue classes talked about family relationships in their circle time. They spoke to their peers about the family members that live in their home.
The preschool classes practiced drawing shapes to improve their vocabulary and motor skills.
The Blue class learned how to turn the magic “c” into the letters “a” and “d”.
The Orange class reviewed and compared their homework to ensure comprehension.
The children enjoyed running from the balls in gym class.

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