The Chicks learned general vocabulary in their circle time. They found objects around the classroom and matched them to the flashcards.
The Orange class learned about routines and talked about the things that they do in the morning before school.
To learn about bodies, the preschool classes helped create a monster. They added body parts to the white board and counted the number parts.
The Blue class is learning about things that we can find around the house. They are building on what they’ve been learning about families and home life.
The Blue and Red class reviewed the months of the year. They had to yell “Happy Birthday!” when they saw the month of July.
The Advanced Green class learned about sports in their book lesson. They used verbs to describe what each character was doing, and practiced building a sentence.
During reading time, the Orange class focused on sight words, and the “oy/oi” sound.
The Advanced Yellow class learned about city life and how to give directions. They talked about each place in detail and reviewed what we do and see there.
The Yellow class read “The Poor Goose” to practice phonics and blending.
The Owls practiced working together in a pairs game. They tossed the balls over the line to their partner, and took turns catching it.
The Foxes learned about days of the week, and connected them to our daily routines.
The children enjoyed singing July’s themed songs in music class with Kaori.
To improve their writing skills, the Cubs practiced uppercase case letters in their workbooks.

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