The children played a game of dodge ball in gym class today. They practiced hand-eye coordination and learned to follow simple rules.
The Blue class read a story in their Kid’s Box textbook and answered comprehension questions about the story.
The Yellow and Orange classes learned all about places around the city, and the things that we do there.
The Advanced Green class took some time to review their homework and ask any questions about the previous lesson.
The Advanced Yellow class learned all about natural disasters, and ways that we can practice safety.
The Sparrows stomped like elephants in their lesson about animals.
The Owls made oysters, as their teachers hid animal cards around the classroom for them to find.
When they found an animal card, they brought it to their teacher and practiced making sentences by naming and describing the animal.
The Advanced Green class made stress balls using balloons, following the instructions from their Kid’s Box textbooks. 
The Advanced Yellow class wrote about the vegetable that they enjoy eating and described what they like about it. They also classified foods and discussed what is and isn’t a vegetable.
The Red class played “listen & touch” to practice phonics. The teacher made a letter sound and they raced to touch the correct card.
The Blue class practiced the letter “u” in today’s workbook lesson.
The Cubs used blocks to practice their counting skills.
The Foxes reviewed to “ow” sound during their reading lesson. They came up with a list of words that contain it.
The Wolves talked about places around the city. They incorporated these places into their routines.

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