The students are really enjoying their educational activities on the iPads and computers.
In music class with Kaori, the Foxes practiced summer songs, including “Beach Ball Boogie”.
The Cubs learned about adjectives and vocabulary today in their circle time. They played a guessing game to practice identifying each object.
The Yellow and Orange classes learned about foods and countable/uncountable objects. They learned when it is appropriate to use the word “much”, and when to use “many”.
The Blue class continued to learn about members of our families as well as phonics in their Kid’s Box book lesson.
The Advanced Yellow class practiced using the past tense to discuss foods that they have and have not eaten.
At the beginning of circle time, the Owls practiced saying their age to improve their English speaking skills.
The Sparrows and Chicks used their fingers and bodies to practice making shapes.
During the reading lesson, the Orange class read “The Greedy Green Gremlin” to practice the “ee/ea” sound.
The Blue class sang “How’s the Weather?”, and described the current season.
For craft today, the preschool classes made hot air balloons. They decorated paper cups and people to make this fun, summer craft!
The children are working on hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills in gym time. This week, they enjoyed doing target practice using dodgeballs.
The Chicks enjoyed using ride on toys and bicycles during their outside play time.
For the Red class, today’s writing workbook lesson focused on the letters “v” and “w”. They really enjoyed colouring the pictures after their writing practice!

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