The Sparrows used water and watercolour paints to learn about primary colours. They mixed the colours to make secondary colours!
The Owls played a beanbag toss game in teams. They tried to throw their team’s beanbags into the cones on the other side of the gym.
The Blue class practiced writing rhyming words in their workbooks.
The Yellow and Orange classes reviewed places around town. They talked about what we do at each place.
In their Kid’s Box 4 book, the Advanced Green class learned about health and illness. They wrote about what we can do when we are sick to get better.
The Advanced Yellow class reviewed disasters. Their teacher gave them a description of each disaster, and they tried to be the first to find the card.
The Blue class sang “How’s the Weather?” at the beginning of their circle time. They practiced describing seasons and weather conditions.
The Yellow class read “The Jar of Oil” to improve their reading skills.
The Red class listened attentively, as they reviewed the months of the year.
The Advanced Green class did some geography review, and connected it to their lesson about places in towns and cities.
The Advanced Yellow class played a fun board game to review the concepts that they learned in units 5 and 6 of their Kid’s Box textbooks.
The Cubs used food toys and flashcards to review their vocabulary. They had a pretend play picnic and talked about the foods that they enjoy eating.
The Wolves talked about places all around town and the things that we do there.
The Foxes used their journals to write about places that they have been.
During tech time, the children used the iPads to play educational games and read stories.

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