The Advanced Green class reviewed units 1 & 2, before beginning their next unit. In unit 3, they will talk about health and past simple irregular verbs.
The Advanced Yellow class reviewed materials and what we use them for. They listed different objects that are made out of each material.
The Blue class learned about body vocabulary in circle time. They played a game of Simon says to practice identifying their body parts.
The Yellow and Orange class played a game in pairs. They tried to write the most number objects made out of each material.
The preschool classes practiced the alphabet today through songs. They sang the “Alphabet Chant” and identified the letters on each card.
The Owls played cops and robbers today in gym class. They practiced team work and their gross motor skills.
The Blue class focused on reviewing the sight words from today’s story. They also reviewed all of the single letter phonics.
The preschool classes learned about zoo animals today. They used adjectives to describe their characteristics.
The children enjoyed singing summer songs, including “Beach Ball Boogie” in music class with Kaori!
The children used the iPads again today for their tech time.
In writing class today, the Red class learned how to turn the magic “c” into the letter “a”.
The Orange class used today’s story to practice their writing kills. They focused on the “ow” sound, as well as spelling and grammar.
The Advanced Green class talked about dreams today, and recreated creatures from their recent dreams.
The Advanced Yellow class started a new unit today called “Dress Sense”. They will be learning all about clothing vocabulary, and seasons.

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