The preschool classes reviewed general vocabulary words today in circle time. The Sparrows played “rock, paper, scissors” and used their hands to make different objects.
The children used an obstacle course to play cops and robbers in gym class and really enjoyed chasing each other.
The Red and Blue classes learned about animals today, and compared animals that we keep as pets, and animals that live in the wild.
The Yellow and Orange classes practiced conjugating verbs into the past simple tense.
This week, the elementary school students were able to choose what they wrote about in their journals. The Advanced Green class also drew abstract pictures during their writing time.
The Advanced Yellow class reviewed disasters in their language lesson. They made silly sentences and gave each other bad advice about what to do during disasters.
The Owls sang the “Number Rock” to practice counting.
The Yellow class read “A Box Full of Light”, to practice the phonetic sound: i/i-e/igh.
The Blue class focused on single letter phonics during their reading lesson and reviewed the sounds for: a, e, i, o, u.
The Advanced Green class continued their book lesson about health. They focused on learning about self-care and finding the past tense of each verb.
The Advanced Green class also enjoyed looking at an atlas and learning about other continents.
The Advanced Yellow class wrote stories in their writing lesson. They wrote a few sentences and then passed it to their peers to add to the story. They really enjoyed this activity!
The Cubs practiced writing the letter “Z” in their workbooks, and reviewed other capitals.
The Foxes sang new songs for September in their music lesson with Kaori. They really enjoyed “When You Wish Upon A Star”.

The Wolves reviewed ordinal numbers in their language lesson. They practiced sequencing with flashcards.

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