The Blue class wrote about their favourite snack for today’s journal sentence.
To practice their spelling, the Advanced Green class reviewed 10 spelling words, and did a spelling test in their journals.
The Red class reviewed the letters c, d, g, and o in their workbooks. Then, they did the hand activity to help them with letter strokes.
The preschool classes learned about adjectives today in their language lesson. They really enjoyed singing “Open Shut Them”.
To help with their hand-eye coordination, the children played variations of soccer in gym time.
The Advanced Yellow class played scattergories using their “material” vocabulary. They wrote as many objects as they could under each type of material.
The Advanced Green class did a body percussion exercise in their Kid’s Box textbook. They used their hands, feet, and classroom objects to make music.
The Orange class played a scavenger hunt game using the “in town” vocabulary. They went around the classroom in teams and looked for each flashcard.
The children passed a “hot potato” to practice the body vocabulary. They practice identifying their body parts between passes.
The preschool classes reviewed shape vocabulary today during circle time. They sang “The Shape Song #1” and went around the room looking for each shape.
The children continued to sing the songs for September with Kaori in music class.
The Cubs practiced capital letters “C” and “O” in their writing workbooks today.
The Wolves continued their lessons about “Health Matters” in their Kid’s Box book. They’re learning about illness and self-care.

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