The children practiced ordinal numbers on the calendar during circle time.
The children talked all about Halloween and what costumes they would like to wear. They are really excited for our Halloween event at the end of the month!
The celebrate the month of October, the children played Zombie Tag in gym time.
The Red and Blue classes learned about places in circle time. They raced against their friends to find flashcards hidden around the room.
For today’s language lesson, some of the elementary classes learned about food and ingredients. They talked about cooking and what they like to eat.
The Advanced Yellow class played a guessing game with food vocabulary. They gave their peers details about an item and had to guess what was being described.
The Advanced Green class reviewed nature words, and practiced spelling them.
For craft today, the preschool classes made a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern!
To review the letters of the alphabet, the preschool classes sang the “Alphabet Chant” using flashcards.
The preschool classes had fun in partners playing a directions game. Their teacher named a body part and they had to find it on their friend.
The Red class read “Black Hat Bob” in their reading lesson to review vowel sounds.
The Advanced Yellow class continued the Diggory Bones story today. They learned about the Mayas and the Aztecs.
In today’s book lesson, the Advanced Green class practiced asking and answering questions in the past tense.
After they reviewed the nature vocabulary, the children had a spelling bee against their friends.
The children really enjoyed using the bells to make notes in music time.
The Takatsuki Wolves continued their lesson about health and good habits in their book lesson.

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