The Blue and Red classes reviewed animals today in their language lesson. They played a game of pictionary and got to draw their favourite animals on the white board.
To practice general vocabulary, the Yellow and Orange classes played a card game and had to identify different objects to earn points for their team.
The Advanced Green class learned about English literature in their Kid’s Box lesson. They talked about poetry and novels that they enjoy.
The Advanced Yellow class reviewed clothing and adjectives. They practiced describing each other’s clothing.
To help them learn about animals, the preschool classes played build-a-tower with blocks and animal cards. The children called out each animal as it was added to the tower.
To practice their sight words and vowel sounds, the Blue class read a story about a monster named Pip.
After the children read their story of the week, the Orange class wrote about whether or not they liked cats, and why. They practiced finger spacing, spelling and grammar.
The some of the students wrote about what pets they have as well as what they would like to have in the future.
To finish off their Kid’s Box book lesson, the Advanced Green class wrote about the types of literature that they like. They really enjoyed talking about different comics.
The Advanced Yellow class learned about the history of clothing in their Kid’s Box lesson today. They learned about the different countries where materials and styles originated.
The Owls sang “Counting Bananas” to practice their counting skills.
The Blue class wrote in their journals about which animals they like. They brainstormed the different types of animal choices.
The preschool children made Halloween lanterns in the shape of a pumpkin. They are really excited for the Halloween event next week!
The Cubs practiced describing animals using adjectives. They compared similarities and differences between animals.
The Wolves learned about technology and how we use them in our daily lives. The combined the vocabulary with verbs and practiced building sentences.
The children are really enjoying singing the Halloween songs in preparation for the upcoming event!

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