The preschool children talked about the weather today in circle time. They sang “Rain, Rain, Go Away”.
The preschool children made their own pizzas in today’s craft time. They are building their fine motor skills through the use of scissors and glue.
The Owls really enjoyed today’s gross motor circuit in gym time. They practiced jumping, rolling and running.
The Red class reviewed clothing vocabulary in their language lesson. They stood up if they were wearing the clothing item that their teacher named.
The Orange class practiced association in today’s language lesson. They came up with words that reminded them of different objects.
The Advanced Green class reviewed units 3 and 4 during their Kid’s Box book lesson. They played a board game to practice their reading skills.
The Advanced Yellow class reviewed food vocabulary during their lesson. They made an ingredients list and came up with different recipes.
The preschool classes reviewed shape vocabulary today. They sang “The Shape Song #1”, and went around the classroom looking for the shapes in the song.
The Foxes had a spelling bee with today’s nature vocabulary to practice their writing skills.
The Cubs reviewed all uppercase and lowercase letters in their writing books today.
The Wolves enjoyed playing phonics games on the iPads during today’s technology time.
The elementary school children enjoyed playing ping pong in gym class. They learned the rules of the game and challenged their friends to a battle.

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