The preschool children enjoyed making colorful turkeys to celebrate Thanksgiving!
The children scooted around the gym and tried to catch their friends in a game of freeze tag.
The Blue and Red classes learned about verbs today in their ESL lesson. They played a game of charades and guessed which actions their friends were doing.
Some of the children learned about hobbies in their language lesson. They talked about the things that they enjoy doing in their free time.
The Advanced Green class learned about different countries and continents in their Kid’s Box book lesson. They discussed the history of exploration.
The Advanced Yellow class tried to recall the hobby themed vocabulary that they learned in this morning’s lesson.
The Owls made silly food combinations today to practice their vocabulary. They enjoyed singing “Do You Like Strawberry Yogurt?”.
The Blue class practiced their reading skills by filling in the blanks as their teacher read today’s story.
In today’s Kid’s Box 4 lesson, the Wolves looked at unit 5; “Exploring Our World”. They reviewed the flags of different countries.
The Foxes learned how to use “must” and “musn’t”. They completed the sentences in their textbooks.
The children enjoyed singing Thanksgiving songs in music class today.

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