The children talked about Christmas vocabulary in circle time. They discussed Christmas trees, Santa, and the presents that he brings.
The preschool children made a Christmas wreath to celebrate the upcoming holiday.
The Red and Blue classes learned about transportation. They played a game of charades and guessed which vehicle was chosen.
Some of the students learned about animas and animal body parts today. They matched the body parts to the animals.
The Advanced Green class reviewed rhyming words and sounds during their reading and writing lesson.
The Yellow and Advanced Yellow classes made sentences to compare animals.
The preschool children really enjoyed rolling in today’s gross motor circuit.
The Blue class practiced their listening skills in their Kid’s Box book lesson. They followed the instructions by writing the correct words in each box.
The Advanced Green class read “Lost” to review single letter phonics and blending.
The Cubs used wooden sticks to review the body vocabulary in circle time.
The Cubs learned how to turn the “magic c” into the letter o. They enjoyed writing and colouring in their workbooks.
The children sang Thanksgiving songs and played instruments in their music lesson.

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